Posted on July 25 , 2016



Mount Kessler for me has always been a fun destination to ride whenever I want something different and more technical.  It’s located in south Fayetteville and does not take long to get to from anywhere in Northwest Arkansas. The trails can be slow going at times, as there are a lot of rocks, switchbacks, and some steep climbs. However, those willing to push through the obstacles are rewarded with short downhills and great views off of rock outcroppings of the valley below. The most scenic section in my opinion, Rock City, has huge rock formations that tower over you as you ride through the massive chutes.




Kessler is a great trail system for beginners to hone their skills and master the rocks, and will give more advanced riders a challenge too. My advice would be riding with traditional platform pedals, unless you are very comfortable being attached to the bike.  This area is truly a gem for Northwest Arkansas to have and I think the outdoor community is very fortunate to now have it preserved for everyone to enjoy for generations to come.