Posted on July 25 , 2016



Hobbs State Park is the largest state park in Arkansas, covering over 12,000 acres along the southern shores of Beaver Lake to the north – and War Eagle Creek to the south.  With over 21 miles of biking trails here, Hobbs offers an abundance of hills and valleys to explore on two wheels through this beautiful Arkansas forest.  These trails are actually multi-use trails, open to bikers, hikers and horses.

There are 4 loops that make up the Hidden Diversity Multi-use trail.  Little Clifty Creek Loop – 9 miles, War Eagle Loop – 5 miles, with Bashore Ridge Loop connecting to it – 3 miles;  and Dutton Hollow Loop – 3 miles.  Hobbs offers a different style of riding than other trails in the area.   The trails are very fast singletrack, without any roots, rocks, etc. which makes for a smooth, fast, and fun ride.  The trails are very well built and are kept up very well (thanks to local volunteers).  There are lots of ups and downs, as the trails wind through beautiful hardwood forests, over long ridges, and down into deep hollows.   This classic Ozark landscape provides a very tranquil setting and almost makes you feel like you’re deep in the wilderness, a hundred miles from civilization.  Conveniently though, Hobbs is located just a few miles east of Rogers on scenic HWY 12.




So for those people wanting fast trails and a really good workout, this is a great trail system, that we highly recommend. Stop by Lewis & Clark before you ride and pick up a free trail map, or you can pick up maps and brochures at the parks’ trailheads.