Posted on July 19 , 2016



Glory Hole Falls is the name of a very unique waterfall located in the Ozark National Forest. It is here that Dismal Creek flows down into the forest valley, where it has bored through about 12 feet of solid rock to empty down about another 20 ft into a bluff overhang below. It’s an awesome sight, and the area around the falls is simply beautiful with lots of bluffs, large boulders, and running water. This is certainly a place you will be glad you visited. Take a lunch and relax a while beside the cool waterfall, while gazing out at the stunning forest valley.

The hike to Glory Hole is about one mile, that begins as a jeep road that heads down into the woods. When you come to a fork, stay to the right, and follow the trail downhill. When this main trail ends, head downhill to the left, and you will come to a bluff area and then a wet glade. Be on the lookout here, as you will walk right up on the mouth of the hole where the stream pours down into the rock (please use caution around any wet rock here as it will be extremely slick). Head down to your right to get underneath the bluff where you will see the falls pouring out of the hole. The best time to see Glory Hole is during the spring or fall when there is ample rainfall. This is still a nice place to visit in the summer, but the falls will be down to a trickle during the dry season. Again, watch your step! This area can be very slick, so please use caution.